Child Safeguarding Policy

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About this Document

This 14-page document was first co-created by 14-year-old Cara Lee with Little U founder and director Dawn Fung at the Little U Teen Groups in September 2023. A draft of this document was also shown privately to individuals in the Little U community and some of our partners for feedback. Little U’s Child Safeguarding Policy will undergo annual evaluation and will be updated as necessary to remain relevant and efficient, in line with the latest practices and regulations of Singapore for child safety in educational contexts.

Guiding Statement

We at Little U aim to quell abuse, neglect, and exploitation to create a safe and welcoming environment. We are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all children participating in our programs, activities, and events, to enable each child to reach their full potential in a secure and affirming environment. Little U takes the responsibility for safeguarding children in its care to the highest standards, and we promote a culture of respect and accountability across our organisation. We will collaborate with stakeholders, including children, their families, and external partners, to create and guarantee a safe and nurturing space for our children and their wellbeing. For our children to grow and thrive, we take responsibility to ensure they know their rights to keep themselves safe.


Our Policy extends to all teachers, staff, volunteers, and any individual associated with Little U who has contact with the children during the course of their work or role.

Legal Framework

Little U abides by Singapore’s statutes on the Children and Young Persons Act.

We recognize the principles of the United Nations Rights of the Child.

This Policy is informed by the following: