Guest Speakers Series

Our Guest Speaker Series invites only the best practitioners of their fields to share about their areas of interest and why they do what they do.

The Guest Speaker Series is both a knowledge sharing and career guidance platform that gently allows children and their families to understand different paths available. We link these paths to individuals whose stories reflect the breadth and depth of their decisions, and sometimes the sacrifices involved. Come with a desire to learn from the best and be informed about what is out there.

We want to see a new future of education for young people to have access to good people who can inspire them, answer their questions, and find further opportunities to network and succeed in life.

Details :

Each session runs for an hour max on zoom (10am-11am SG time). The program is 20 mins of sharing and 20 mins of Q&A. We have run the guest speaker series since 2018 and each session is fun, informative and full of energy. We love the questions from the children! While the sharing is capped at 20 mins so that children’s attention span is taken into account, the guest speakers have been known to hang out a bit longer because they enjoy the interactions.

The guest speaker will pitch their sharing to a demography of 10 years old and above. Children who are younger than 10 years old might find the information challenging. We recommend you get a pass for your child only if you believe the pace is suitable.

Each pass is for one zoom slot for person only.

We sell yearly passes only at
SGD $25/year to the public,
SGD $20/year for homeschoolers in Singapore (add the coupon code you were given through your community at checkout)

We have a limited number of passes. Once purchased, we will send you a link for your name to be put on the guest list and then send you a zoom link. You may attend as many sessions as you like.

There is no refund. The money collected goes towards paying a token to the guest speakers, technical needs, and the organisation and growth of the Guest Speaker Series.


1) May I share my pass with another family member?

Each pass = 1 zoom slot. 1 zoom slot = per person.
The cost is very affordable. One session is about $2+ for homeschoolers and $3+ for non-homeschoolers.

2) If I miss a session, can I watch the recordings?

We cannot guarantee this. We will work towards recording each session but it will be up to the agreement between the speakers and Little U. Some information by the speakers may be too personal to be recorded, or we do not want to divulge children’s faces on record. We will work this out in the future.



For more information on the Guest Speaker Series…

Email us for more information or check out our blog posts.