Learning Village

The learning village is an apprenticeship model for all aged learners. The Learning Village is very portable, flexible, safe and promises high quality education that can be replicated in almost any group with a serious intent to grow learners of all ages.

Our Little U Guarantee*

Inclusivity. Whether special needs or neurotypical, old or young, we seek to work with learners to understand their learning needs more. It’s all about communication of expectations and setting clear boundaries.

High quality learning. All modules are carefully selected. All educators must offer only what they know best. There is no compromise. Young learners interested to teach at Little U’s Learning Village have to go through a training module to develop their ideas under supervision.

Child safety. All learners including children learn within the safety of a community of families known to one another. The learning village is open via personal invitation to families whom we personally know and can entrust our children to.

Affordability. All modules are priced per session at a low fee. We believe in investing in one another’s talents but not pricing it so high that we cannot attend. We have a Little U Foundation for needy families so that families who depend on the Learning Village as their primary education can attend.

Responsible educators. All educators are honest, trustworthy members of the community that we can personally attest. We seek to be upfront with our limitations and rules so that you can make informed choices about whether you want to learn with us in our modules.

Transparency about money movement. All money movement is transparent to the entire faculty. The money goes towards paying educators and building Little U to be a sustainable model that can be replicated globally.

*Certain modules and programs like the Teen Group and Guest Speaker Series do not come under the Little U Guarantee, including any Learning Village module open to non-members.


1) How do I join the Learning Village?

We are currently open to selected families within the homeschooling community. The Learning Village families all contribute their time to teaching and working in projects under Homeschool Singapore.

If you would like to join us at Little U’s Learning Village, you would need to know an existing member of Homeschool Singapore who can personally vouch for your family. Email us with the name of the member who can vouch for you and your interest in serving in a project. We will check with the member and reply you as soon as we can.

2) Are any of the modules available to the public?

We will be working towards some modules being open to the public. Currently the Guest Speaker Series is now open to the public. You may purchase a yearly pass. Terms and conditions apply.

The Teen Group is open only to the larger homeschooling community. We will need to know you beforehand. Please read the terms and conditions on the Teen Group page.

3) How do I offer a module in The Learning Village?

The Learning Village’s model is different from Outschool or other education vendors. We work at close range with families to build long term relationships and sustainability. We are not interested in vendors who want to teach for profit. We are only looking for like-minded families. Pls look at FAQ point 1.

Aptitude is important. As the emphasis of the Learning Village is about us learning from one another, we seek members who are humble and interested to learn from the program. If you’re purely interested in offering something to teach but not wanting to learn from the community, this is not the right model for you.

4) I would like to grow my own Learning Village in my school/area/town/country.

The Learning Village is a very flexible, safe and high quality model that can be replicated in almost any group with an educational intent. You need $0 and at least 3 three families to begin.

We will be offering training modules to interested partners soon. Pls email us and we will get in touch with a questionnaire follow up.

Keep updated with the Learning Village

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If you are not a member and your name is not on our list, you may still see what we offer as a community but your payment will not be processed at our end.