How unique are we?

Found nowhere else. Little U Boutique Classes offers the best of customised education without forgoing the foundational environment required by every student: safety, intentional mentoring and mastery of knowledge of the educator.

Our Boutique classes are :

  1. slow growth, long term programs,
  2. very dedicated, small classes of not more than 5,
  3. helmed by master teachers who are approved by their students they teach and the homeschooling community which is trained at customised education.

There is no focus on certification or prescribed syllabus. Students who grow with us at the Little U Boutique Classes will get the best of high end academic thinking and life-skills. The association with the Little U Boutique Classes promises to be enriching and rewarding for lifelong learning.

Questions you may have about our Boutique

How do you choose teachers?

Boutique teachers have to undergo rigorous checks for character, mastery and mentoring abilities. We do not peg teachers’ abilities to certificates. We go by evidence based research, relational data and approval from the homeschooling community, a source of trustworthy recommedations.

How can I sign up for Boutique Classes?

Boutique classes are currently not offered on the website. You may email us for the current classes available. We will list up on the website when ready.

How many classes are on offer?

We work on slow and evidenced based growth. Boutique Classes are based on word of mouth recommendations based on insider knowledge. We will not promise a long list of classes like Skills Future or Outschool. Our promise is based on close guided mentoring apprenticeship between teacher and students.

Are the classes expensive?

The fees are reasonable but not cheap. We focus on quality delivery for students. Our teachers are master teachers who have to be remunerated in kind.

Who can join?

Anyone who is interested in our approach. We are not interested in mainstream certification. We will not offer certifications for the sake of paperwork. We provide testimonials for each student. We also ask for testimonials from students who have completed their Boutique apprenticeship with us.

There is no age limit to our Boutique classes. We go via pace, interest and aptitude.

Please email us.