Cassandra Shepherd’s Developing a Family Vision


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Little U is is pleased to offer Cassandra Shepherd’s
Developing a Family Vision.

Date : Sunday, Oct 31 2021.
Time : 930am-1130am (SG Time)

What you will learn : 

  • Develop Self Awareness to Connect Deeper with your Children
  • Develop a Vision to Personalise your Family’s Learning Pathway
  • Create your own Self Care Strategy

This workshop is a once-off session with homeschooling mentor and veteran, Cassandra Shepherd, teaching live from New Zealand!

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About Cassandra Shepherd

Cassandra Shepherd, the eldest of four children, grew up on farms in rural New Zealand, and was homeschooled for several years. She completed a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS hon) at Waikato University and then worked in farm education and training and then the banking industry before having a family and becoming a homeschool parent of 3 children (1998-2019).

The family lived in Singapore from 2011 to 2020 and during that time Cassandra spent six years working with the Institute for Cultural Communicators in a volunteer capacity developing communication and leadership skills in young people and their parents/mentors.

Cassandra has led workshops on self awareness, communication, homeschooling, and the importance of Vision, in USA, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and New Zealand. She has been a keynote speaker at the Singapore Homeschool Convention (2018, 2020), The Philippine Homeschool Convention (2018), and with the Firelight Foundation (NZ) (2020).

Homeschooling is not an easy journey, and Cassandra credits her vision for homeschooling, developed early on in her journey with the help of a mentor veteran homeschooler, for not giving up during the tough seasons. This is why she is passionate about helping other homeschool parents think about their Why for homeschooling, and developing a family vision that will help them navigate the ups and downs along the way.

Her son, who didn’t learn to read until he was 10, and had never sat a test or exam until attending university is in his final year of a Bachelor in Computer Science at Waikato University. One daughter is an apprentice hairdresser in Hamilton, and her other daughter is in her first year of a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Theatre at Victoria University, in Wellington (NZ). Cassandra now works full time at Vision College, a Private Training Enterprise based in Hamilton, New Zealand.


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