EN01 : History Roundtable


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EN01 : History Roundtable

by Dawn Fung

6 Sessions ($60 for members / $90)

Learning History through Critical Thinking and Essay Writing! I will teach you how to write good essays and understand history. You don’t have to know history to join this. For Teens (13-16), Young Adults (18-21)

Dates : Jul 3, 10, 17, 24, 31. Aug 7.

Day and Time : Saturdays, 11am-2pm

Venue : Various

Our theme this History Roundtable Cycle is on Food & History of Singapore.

Hear what past students have to say about History Roundtable 

“History Roundtable is fun because we can write about events in history and it’s kind of like being detectives and searching things cuz a lot of it is research work.

In some cases there was more like questioning the government and digging deeper into the secrets of your country and just learning more about it. Of course throughout different cycles there will be a lot more topics than you can definitely learn more about. I do enjoy that you get 3 weeks to redraft your essay because you will get a lot of time really look through it and reform, think about it more and change it up.”

Cayley, student