Family Coding Project by Joash Chee


The price is per pax (for 3 classes, 6 hours in total)

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Since this is structured as a family learning and bonding activity, it makes sense to have at least one parent and any amount of kids, as long as the team can be self-managed. The team lead does not have to be an adult. It makes sense for a team to be a family unit to work on the project through the weeks. 

Max students : 15 pax. Grouped into 5 teams of  3 max. This can be parent and child, siblings, friends. Up to you!
Dates : July, Fridays. 7,14,21
Sessions : 3
Time : 2pm-4pm
Venue : 145 Petir Road, Singapore 670145 (address to be sent to those who have purchased a slot for the class)
Who can join : Ages 10 and above

You need to bring a coding device which can be one or more of the following (the family can share a device) :
Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop
Apple iPad / iPad Pro
Writing materials for brainstorming


About Joash Chee

“My interest started in my secondary school (SJU)’s Computer Club where I was part of the first team to represent the school to win an award at a national level. When Apple launched the iPhone and allowed developers to make apps, I started a company DivZero Consultancy to teach people of all ages and backgrounds to start making apps in a day. I was selected by IE Singapore as part of a SG delegation to meet key Apple officials at their WorldWide Developers Conference. When SingTel launched our first locally available iPhone, I was part of the launch party team and also served as knowledge expert when they were developing their in-house iOS apps. I was selected after a 9-month long interview process conducted by Apple when they were assembling the key team that launched the first Apple Store in SG. I was privileged to be part of an almost year-long preparation and training schedule at Sydney and Hawaii, which Apple said was the one and only time Apple staff were being inducted in this manner. I worked in Apple for almost 3 years, and then was headhunted to join a key tech support team for Dyson when they were setting up offices in Singapore. I personally attended C-suite and Sir James Dyson at his Singapore home. I am currently investing time in mentoring and coaching, mainly music and tech, and some entrepreneurship based on the experiences from running some start-ups.”


“My dream is to change the world by changing the world’s perspective. I believe passionately in education and that with mindset changes, people’s reality changes as well. I am primarily an educator and a catalyst… I would not turn back time because the past is a valuable learning aid to harness for moving forward.” Interview with Joash 


Way back when Apple paved the way for everyone to have a powerful device in the palm of their hands, capable of running any app that developers can imagine and code, Joash created an innovative way of making music easily with just two fingers… and still sounding as professional as possible! This revolutionary app, launched on January 21, 2009, was called the CHORDiCA and was exclusive for the iPhone.”

Read his Resume here and follow him on Twitter at It has a link to the first e-book he wrote and released, with the help of his girls, “How to start from ZERO and keep going”.