Guest Speaker Series 2021 Pass

Thank you for your interest in the Guest Speaker Series. We promise a high quality education not found anywhere else in Singapore with such low barriers of entry. Our desire is to see education for the entire family at a high bar for an unbeatable price and experience. The selection of highly qualified individuals sharing their knowledge pegged to a level that is appropriate for children shows how much we believe in our young, and to what extent we strive to give our best to them.
More information on the Guest Speaker Series 2021 is found here. Please read the terms and conditions below before making your purchase.


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Terms and Conditions
Please read carefully before booking your ticket.
Each pass = 1 zoom slot. 1 zoom slot = per person. 
We do not promise recordings for those who missed the session.
We reserve the rights to bar entry to ticket holders who compromise safety and security in the Guest Speaker Series.

The Little U Guest Speakers Series is open to the homeschooling community and friends.