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Develop a solid foundation about personalised education.
Tutorial and field work format.

Features of OB1

Observo Learning Methodology for FRESH students

What is a personalised education?
How is it different from differentiated instructions?
What are the fundamentals of receiving personalised education?
What are the fundamentals of teaching personalised education?

Field Work
Students will observe their own personalised education at work

Reading List
Curated articles by OB1’s FRESH facilitator

When : 2023 Mar, Apr, Jul, Aug. Fortnightly.
5 students per cohort only
Fee : $1,200/pax (Discounts available for Little U members and partners)
Duration : 4 months / 8 sessions / 3 hrs per session
As long as you have a group of 5, you can email us to discuss a schedule that fits.