Opens 2026.


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Must have completed OB1 and OB2. Lecture, tutorial and field work format.

Features of OB3

Observo Personalised Education Kit  (OPEK) for OCEAN students*

*Every student will open OCEAN with a public lecture :
What is personalised education, its purposes and features?
Directed by each lecture, the OPEK Kit will be customised
by the OCEAN facilitator for each student.
Embedded in your OPEK Kit will be the topics you will learn for OCEAN.

Field Work
Students will develop 3 personalised education approaches in 3 contexts
Context 1 – one of your choice
Context 2 – one of the cohort’s choice
Context 3 – one of the teacher’s choice

Observo will weigh your OCEAN competencies from a range of data
and help you refine your teaching resume.

When : 2026 onwards