Teen Group Semester 4 (Jul-Nov 2022)


July 28. Aug 11, 25. September 8, 22. October 6, 20. November 10, 12, 24. Thus. 1030am-2pm (including lunch together) In collaboration with  

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discover your team potential in…

Semester 4
How well can solve a problem in your team? Clash of egos or a superheroes assemble?

10 sessions
30 hours contact time
36 hours study and research
$340 per pax
8 pax max
Suitable for ages 14-18

Outline of Teen Group Semester 4 (2022) 

In this exciting semester, the teens will support Christian NGO Habibi International in developing a curriculum for the Refugee Project. The curriculum development will be supervised by their teen cohort teacher and Little U Director Dawn Fung.

“It is our hope that through the Refugee Project, the youths will take a deeper interest in the global refugee crisis, have a better understanding of the complexities involved, be inspired to invest time and effort in their education and make vocational choices that will contribute to the transformation of mindsets to help refugees.” Chua Chiew Lian, Executive Director, Habibi Singapore. 

The Refugee Project will be launched at the Open House of Semester 4 on Nov 12, 2022.

For those signed up : Pls view the brief from Habibi International for the Teen Group Semester 4 (2022)