Vivian Kwek’s Managing Anger for Parents Workshop


Vivian Kwek is the author of Decoding Your Child  and one of the two key directors of Little U. She offers her expertise in this Boutique workshop by Little U, teaching parents how to manage their anger so as to build more effective learning environments at home and also, be healthier, happier parents. Fridays 14…



Managing Anger for Parents Workshop

Do you tend to lose your cool often? Are you irritated easily? Do you tend to feel guilty blowing your top at others, especially your children, after you have calmed down? Many parents have felt afraid, guilty and even ashamed of the way in which they have expressed their anger towards their children.

Anger is a normal yet powerful emotion that is triggered when we feel threatened. Anger in itself is not a bad emotion. In fact, anger at times can be good because it generates in us the energy needed to protect us from a perceived threat. HOWEVER, it becomes an issue when it is expressed in unhealthy or destructive ways and it is of great concern if the expression of anger results in injuries, or worse, deaths.

What Are The Benefits Of Attending This Managing Anger for Parents Workshop?

Through this 4-session Managing Anger for Parents Workshop, parents will learn not only how to manage anger and not suppress it, but also see an improvement in their well-being.

In particular, they will

    1. Understand what anger is and what it does to their bodies;
    2. Realise why anger has a hold on them and how to release its hold;
    3. Identify their anger triggers, decode them and learn how to reduce their impact on them;
    4. Respond more calmly and in a healthy manner to anger;
    5. See a reduction in frequency and intensity of their angry outbursts;
    6. Become more empathetic;
    7. Reduce their stress and anxiety levels;
    8. Overcome their guilt for their angry outbursts;
    9. Notice an improvement in their health; and
    10. Build stronger relationships with others, especially with their children.
Who Should Attend This Managing Anger for Parents Workshop?

This workshop is ideal for parents who want to improve their ability to compose themselves when triggered by anger and respond, instead of react, calmly to situations. Parents who feel guilty for their angry outbursts will also find this workshop very helpful in overcoming their guilt.

What Is The Group Size For This Managing Anger for Parents Workshop?

The ideal group size for this workshop is
Minimum: 3 participants
Maximum: 12 participants

What Is Covered in This Managing Anger for Parents Workshop?

This Managing Anger for Parents Workshop will cover

    • Myths about anger
    • Science behind anger
    • Triggers of anger
    • Techniques and strategies to manage anger using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Developing a personal Anger Management Plan
    • 28-day No-Yell Challenge
When Is This Managing Anger for Parents Workshop?

Dates: Fridays: 14 Jan, 21 Jan, 11 Feb, 18 Feb  2022

Time: 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Venue: Via Zoom

What Else Do I Need To Know Before Signing Up For This Workshop?

For this Managing Anger for Parents Workshop to be effective for you, you must

    • commit to attending ALL 4-sessions of the module.
    • complete simple weekly assignments given to help you hone you anger management skills and strengthen your anger management “muscles”.
How Much Is This Managing Anger for Parents Workshop?

As this is an inaugural Managing Anger for Parents Workshop by Little U, it is offered at an introductory fee of $120/person.


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