Speak Your Mind


Confidence. Clarity. Credibility.

SPEAK YOUR MIND is a programme to inspire teens to speak their minds clearly and critically on issues they care about. We want to see teens equipped to speak their minds anywhere – home, communities, small groups or big. As long as you want to see youths speak their minds with the values we espouse, hop on the SPEAK YOUR MIND movement!

What We Want To See

  • Encourage teens to share ideas.
  • Teach teens to articulate their thoughts well.


  • Empathy. Be sensitive when speaking to others.
  • Creativity. Make connections for new ideas or solutions.
  • Responsibility. Take ownership for what you express.

How It Looks Like

SPEAK YOUR MIND is a three cycle project. Each cycle runs for 8 weeks. That means if you want to finish an entire SPEAK YOUR MIND journey, you would have completed 8 Weeks x 3 Cycles in total.

It is completely up to you whether you want to do 1, 2 or 3 cycles. We will meet you where you are, and build your skills from there. The fun is in the work you invest and the skills you reap.

We guarantee that
– each cycle will build your skills. We will customise the cycle according to your abilities, and how far you want to grow.
– after a complete journey, you will be able to start a SPEAK YOUR MIND group in your community. We will give you the tools and mentorship for the next 3 cycles, and advise you accordingly.

  1. REGISTER for a SPEAK YOUR MIND slot. Make sure you can commit to the dates in that cycle!
  2. Make payment accordingly.
  3. SHOW UP and COMPLETE the CREATIVE CHALLENGES set up for you.
  4. At the end of each cycle, we will host a public showcase. You will be given freedom and help to speak your mind! You are welcome to invite whoever you want. The public showcase will be discussed with the members of each cycle. Each public showcase is completely different!
  5. DECIDE after the showcase if you want to sign up for the next cycle. If you’re done with all cycles, we invite you to host a SPEAK YOUR MIND group in your area.


$80 per member per cycle. (This is $10/member/week). The money goes to admin and mentor fees. You will need to commit to each cycle.
No refunds once you make payment. If something happens such that you cannot finish the cycle, you may join the next one available FOC.

Community Work

SPEAK YOUR MIND partners with THE LAST RESORT for community work with Youths At Risk. We are passionate about educating youths and we want to help youths at risk find their voice, and speak up for the issues they care about.


Registration for 2020 is closed. Please email speakyourmind@littleu.org for more information.

Current SPEAK YOUR MIND members : pls go to the Student Login for more information this cycle.