Submissions for Year 4

Little U Year 4’s calendar will be from Jun-Dec 2021. We will be offering transcripts for students.

Submissions for modules opens in August 2020. Our modules are not pegged to grades and tests, but apprenticeship and deep learning.

General Requirements
1. Each educator may submit up to 2 modules max.
2. Your modules may happen anytime between Jun-Dec 2021. The content, timing, frequency of your modules is up to you to design as long as they meet your faculty’s requirements (see below).
3. Your child may NOT be part of the faculty unless they have attended BORED under Dawn Fung. (You may sign your child up for BORED 4 to offer something in Little U Year 5 in 2022).

You may see each Faculty Head’s submission requirements below :

ENGLISH (Faculty head : DAWN FUNG)

“The vision of the English Track is to build a robust English teaching program from young to old. I’m looking for your ideas to take English further into the realms of history, liberal arts, community work and tertiary learning. You will work with a great faculty that loves the organicity of language, facilitated in descriptive and prescriptive styles. English must be something you enjoy teaching very well and keep updated about. Fb message me your ideas by 5 August 2020.” Dawn Fung


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