Little U is a company helmed by homeschooling parents who desire to equip families with skills to succeed in life.


Little U first began in 2018 as the community learning arm of Homeschool Singapore, with the intention of creating a safe and inclusive space for homeschooling families to learn from the best and from one another. There was no program like this in Singapore nor in the homeschooling community at the time. Our monthly Guest Speaker Series was held out of a friend’s home. 


In 2019, the second year of Little U, more families began to join the program to offer to teach modules. The Guest Speaker Series continued to be hosted in a home. 


Little U’s third year in 2020 was affected by the covid lockdown. Classes and the Guest Speaker Series went online. As the nation of Singapore adjusted to the experience of online learning, so did we. Our Little U logo is designed by our creative director, Grace Tan. 


In 2021, Little U pivoted to be registered as a company. While it is independent from Homeschool Singapore, it remains a close partner where resources are shared and we continue to serve the homeschooling community that created the program. 


In 2022, Little U turned 5 years old. We worked with ABRY to bring Little U’s Guest Speaker Series out to the public. We worked with NGO Habibi to do a contract work with our Teen Groups so that teens have real life work experience.

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In 2023, Little U relaunches the Village in a new format. Observo, our professional teaching track, takes off. We look forward to more collaborations with partners.

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