A commitment to the future of education

Little U is an exciting microschool consultancy specialising on personalising education for the whole family.


The Core Team behind Little U

A passion for lifelong education

At our microschool, The Learnery, we offer a comprehensive suite of programs that caters to diverse homeschooling, schooling and unschooling families, preschoolers to professional educators.

Restorative and Respectful

The Learnery structure is built upon our Little U Values: Trauma Informed Care, Child Safety, Secure Attachment and Interest Based Portfolio.

Rigorous and Relevant

What drives the approach of our programs is our Little U Engine. With 4 core competencies and 16 criteria, The Learnery aims to build high quality thought leadership across all interactions.

Restful and Reasonable

The Learnery Calendar is designed around 2 terms yearly. With 4 months of activities followed by 2 months of rest, families can plan their holidays and leisure early with children who school and homeschool.

Little U is a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC)

We prepare your homeschooling teen for college and beyond.

Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC) is a national and global nonprofit membership organization that helps make mastery learning—or competency-based education—available to all learners.

Working with member schools, MTC has co-designed and built a software platform that members use to create scalable, flexible learning records— Mastery Transcripts and MTC Learning Records. Members publish Mastery Transcripts or MTC Learning Records for their learners and deliver them securely to college admissions readers and/or employers.

The Mastery Transcript (MT ) and MTC Learning Record (MLR ) have been co-designed with school leaders, learners, and admissions officers, and they continue to improve thanks to expanding member and higher ed partnerships. Check out the list of major US colleges and universities that accepts MTC.

Listen to Mike Flanagan, CEO Of MTC, talk to the Little U community about how MTC works.

Why Learn With Us

  • High Quality Teaching
  • Strong Humanities Based Curriculum
  • Warm Culture based on Homeschooling Approaches
  • Emphasis on Self-Directed Learning and Co-creation
  • Build a customised high school transcript that showcases a range of experiences and interests
  • Affordable even for low income families
Check out the testimonials on an Open House showcasing our teens’ work

“The highest goal of education is to meet Wisdom. Understanding will bring you there.

Dawn Fung

Dawn Fung

Founder, Little U

Watch our latest Guest Speaker Series Video

Dr Paul Tambyah talks to us about why the route to being a doctor is so arduous, the problems in healthcare, and how important it is to listen to old folks if you want to be a good doctor. He is currently a Senior Consultant in Division of Infectious Diseases, National University Hospital, Professor of Medicine at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine & Honorary Joint Professor at CBmE.

The Guest Speaker Series is the most well known program in Little U. It is both a knowledge sharing and career guidance platform that gently allows children and their families to understand different paths available. We welcome students from all over the world at our Guest Speaker Series. You may sign up as a live participant or watch the recorded videos when ready. We desire to empower young people in quality career guidance and mastery of learning. Watch our past Guest Speaker Series playlist here.

For Teens and Advanced Tweens :

Guest Speaker Series 2024

First Saturdays of the month. 10am-11am.
Over Zoom only. Talk to the coolest folks and practitioners in your PJs.

(left) Upcoming :

Yvonne Tay – Head, Temasek Shophouse

Media veteran. General Manager of Temasek Shophouse. Who has she met and who makes the most impact? Ask all your questions to Yvonne about her role in community leadership leading Singapore’s most impactful shophouse.

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Get the year’s pass at only SGD $50 for all 8 sessions. ($25/session)

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