Guest Speaker Series

What is the Little U Guest Speaker Series? 

These speakers come with a wealth of knowledge, broad experiences and are very passionate about their work. My hope is that their stories will inspire us to work on our dreams and aspirations. – Sabrina Salleh Quek, Director of Guest Speaker Series (2021-2023)

The Little U Guest Speaker Series is the most well known program in Little U. It is both a knowledge sharing and career guidance platform that gently allows children and their families to understand different paths available. We link these paths to individuals whose stories reflect the breadth and depth of their decisions, and the sacrifices involved. Come with a desire to learn from the best. In one hour, they will share their life story around the questions below, and then take questions from you.

  • What is your job? 
  • Why do you do what you do? 
  • How did you get started? 
  • How would you advise others?
  • What do they need to do to get there?

Who is our target demography?

Who the Guest Speakers are

Our invitation is only extended to individuals who

  • Have mastery in their field of practice
  • We think is interesting and compelling to listen to
  • Have respect and compassion for young people from all stations of life

Our 2024 Guest List

First Saturdays of the month. 10am-11am.
Over Zoom only, not face-to-face. 

Jan 6 2024

John Tan – CEO | Founder – Doyobi

Angel investor, Edtech founder. What can money not buy? Ask all your questions to John about his work this Sat.

Feb 3 2024 

Yvonne Tay – Head, Temasek Shophouse

Media veteran. General Manager of Temasek Shophouse. Who has she met and who makes the most impact? Ask all your questions to Yvonne about her role in community leadership leading Singapore’s most impactful shophouse.

Mar 2 2024

Jo Tan – Award-winning Writer/Performer, Gen T Leaders of Tomorrow Honouree

Qualified Lawyer. Writer. Editor. Award-winning actress and scriptwriter. What can Jo not do? Ask all your questions to Jo about the world of theatre and entertainment.

Apr 6 2024

Dylan Soh – youngest-ever Design for Good winner, TEDx speaker, urban farmer

He spoke at TEDx when he was 12yo. He makes music, MVs, sells urban farming products, speaks and designs. How did he navigate his teenage years? Was it all glamorous? Ask Dylan all your questions about creating and living a life worth pondering.

Jul 6 2024

Sudhir Vadaketh – editor-in-chief of JOM @ 4pm SG time (as Sudhir is overseas)

Author. Writer. Editor-in-Chief of JOM, our most reliable independent media on SG issues. Sudhir is outspoken on socio-political happenings in Singapore. Is he afraid of anything at all? Ask Sudhir all your questions about the media, words and what it means to be free.

Aug 3 2024

Lim Peifen – TV host and DJ at Mediacorp Radio Yes 933

Peifen began her DJ career when she was 18 after winning a radio DJ contest hosted by YES 933 in 2000. She has won a host of awards and achievements in an illustrious career. Does everything always go smoothly for Pei Fen? Ask all your questions to. this veteran media personality.

Sep 7 2024

Carrie Tan – Member of Parliament and founding executive director of the charity, Daughters of Tomorrow

She founded a social enterprise, Daughters of Tomorrow, which provided skills training for underprivileged women in India. In May 2016, she was awarded Honoree for the Children, World Peace and Human Rights category in the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award by Junior Chambers International in Singapore. What did Carrie do to get here? Ask all your questions to this endearing Nee Soon MP.

Oct 5 2024

Moonlake Lee – Founder and Executive Director of Unlocking ADHD

Moonlake is also an ADHDer, diagnosed at age 50, a year after her teen daughter was diagnosed. A multi-hyphenate, Moonlake has been a lawyer, healthcare marketer, investor, mentor, runner and community builder. Her education and career span the USA, Canada and Singapore. She was a Finalist of The Straits Times Singaporean of The Year 2022 and an awardee of the inaugural Singapore 40-over-40 Inspiring Women in 2021 in the Social Contributor category.

What to Expect Each Session

  1. A 20 mins sharing, then a 40 mins for Q&A.
    We love asking our guest speakers questions. If they wish to share a longer story, they will cap it at 30 mins so that there is ample time to take questions later.
  2. A backstory on their journey to success, or where they are now.
    The speakers did not get to where they are without a meaningful struggle. They will be honest about their ups and downs so that we can appreciate the richness of their careers. Life is not linear.
  3. They will speak at a level understandable to 15 yos.
    Pitching to a 15 yo range would be broad enough to cover a wide demography. Besides teens, we also welcome advanced tweens and parents to join the Guest Speaker Series if you are curious to know more.
  4. Slides and some reels are useful to help the audience visualise what they mean.
    Sensitive materials will be edited out for the recording, according to the guest speaker’s requirements. If you don’t want to miss out, join the session as a participant.

Past Little U Guest Speakers 


Tony Ong, Branch Head at Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)
Mike Flanagan, CEO of Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC)
Chia Ching Kai, designer and artist at @thepaperempress
Don Lowe, Founder of Lowe’f Artisanal, F&B
Kenneth Heng, Founder of Solve n+1
Paul Tambyah, Senior Consultant, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, National University, Hospital and Politician (SDP)


Kathy Xu, marine conservationist, activist
Fong Hoe Fang, publisher, activist
Albert Liang, architect, educator
Leong Mun Wai, NCMP, financial industry expert
Dr Kiruthika, Programme Manager at the Science Centre Singapore
Dr. Poh Gang Kai, Assistant Research Scientist at NASA
Dr. Susanne Ng, Scientist, chef

“In 2021, I asked ABRY if they would sponsor The Guest Speaker Series 2022. I have a dream that Singapore’s youths would have access to the best industry practitioners for career guidance. There would be no barriers of entry except interest. Whether the youths want to come for our Guest Speaker Series, would be a matter of interest to them. They should not be held back by the lack of money, networking opportunity, age, background, religion, ethnicity. Adriana Lim Escaño, ABRY’s CEO, said yes. I received a cheque from ABRY at my book launch in Dec 2021. ABRY has built our confidence to grow the Guest Speaker Series to reach the nation’s young people.” Dawn Fung, founder of Little U


  • Elizabeth Wu, Co-founder of Trehaus
  • Jason Tan, Associate Professor of Policy, Curriculum and Leadership at NIE
  • Pang Shu Ming, Director of Mothercare
  • Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir, Associate Professor of Sociology, NTU
  • Max Boon, Co-founder of the Aliansi Indonesia Damai
  • Suhaili Osman, Curator of Malay Heritage Centre
  • Kelly Davis, Co-founder of Galileo


  • Ken Yuktasevi, Founder and Creative Director of Parable Studio
  • Ashley Lieu, Marathoner and Chiropractor
  • Andie Ang, Research Scientist at Mandai Nature, President of Jane Goodall Institute
  • C. Kunalan, Olympic Sprinter, Relay Runner, Educator
  • Sonny Liew, Comic Illustrator
  • Alvaro SanMartin, Founder and Learning Engineer of Minds Studio
  • Kenneth and Adeline Thong, Co-founders of The Last Resort (TLR)
  • Chia Han Sheng, Vice President of Innovation at GiveDirectly
  • Professor Leo Tan, Director of Special Projects at Faculty of Science, NUS


  • Bryan Tan, CEO of Dads for Life and the Centre For Fathering
  • Lee Lashi, Counsellor and Mandarin teacher for children with different abilities and special needs
  • Tong Yee, Co-founder of School of Thought, Director of The Thought Collective
  • Luo Ling Ling, Advocate and Solicitor, Manaing Director of Luo Ling Ling LLC Law Firm
  • Dr. Tan Siong San, Senior Consultant Surgeon, and Dr Rebecca Yap, Paediatric GP
  • Loh Lik Peng, Hotelier and Restauranteur Unlisted Collection Founder
  • Jason Wong, Founder of Yellow Ribbon Project and Dads for Life Movement


  • Paul Seah, Senior Partner of TKQP Advocates and Solicitors
  • Tan Cheng Bock, Politician, Medical Practitioner and 2nd Chairman of Progress Singapore Party (PSP)
  • Jean Tan, Singer-Songwriter, signed under indie Korean label LEEWAY
  • Patrick Ng, Chapter Lead of Urban Sketchers Singapore
  • Wesley Loh, Founder at Memphis West Picture, Photographer
  • Kenneth Lau, Founder of Studio Asobi
  • Mark Wee, Executive Director of DesignSingapore, Principal/Founder of Annex A
  • Katharyn Peh, Director of Visitor Services at Gardens by the Bay
  • Bernice Lee, Founding Director of Graceworks