At the Little U Boutique, we guide teens in Foundational Academic Thinking in Language and Logic. There are 4 core modules in Boutique. Each module is pegged to a criteria from the competency Critical Thinking. Students who finish each module successfully will obtain a credit for their MTC Learning Record. The modules repeat in cycles of 2 years. Each module will take up 1 term (or 16 weeks).

Each module has …

1) a required reading list. Students who are unable to read the texts will be given replacement materials to support their learning needs.
2) a project cover sheet. The project cover sheet (and appendixed documents) will be the final evidence uploaded to the MTC portal for the MTC Learning Record. Once accepted by the administrator on the portal, the evidence is equivalent to 1 credit obtained for the competency.

Essay | Research, Reading, Writing, Basic Grammar

Taught by Dawn Fung
Term 1 Jan-Apr 2024
Criteria : Relevance
Class size : 1:8

We look at essay writing as a form of personal expression and a successful way to disseminate opinions that reflect language proficiency.

Weeks 1-4 : We cover basic grammar rules and fundamental reading skills.

Weeks 5-8 : Students will learn research skills on 1 topic of interest.

Week 9-12 : Students learn how to design their essay structure, paragraph development and build a writing toolbox.

Weeks 13-15 : Students will learn to edit and give feedback on each other’s works.

Week 16 : The final essay is submitted to the evaluators.

Read essays by students of Little U
Minecraft, Popcorn and Popcorn Brain, English, Allergies and Kpop, Writing

Copperplate Calligraphy | Penmanship, Control, Mindfulness

Taught by Dorothy Chew
Term 2 Jul-Oct 2024
Criteria : Precision
Class size : 1:8

The artist’s studio ; students will learn in a beautiful, calm space. [Caveat : this is the photo when she first moved in. It has become a bit more cluttered. ;)]

This is an introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy. Students will learn about the emergence of Copperplate as a calligraphic style in history. They will learn to identify the unique Copperplate letterforms and create pieces using Copperplate calligraphy. Learn :

Tools & materials: We familiarise ourselves with calligraphic tools (holders, nibs, inks, papers, etc).

Letterforms, proportions & guidelines: We recognise the basic letterforms unique to Copperplate script. We learn to draw guidelines for the Copperplate script.

Forming letters: We learn to correctly form Copperplate letters for lowercase, uppercase, numbers & punctuation. 

Letter connections & spacing: We learn to correctly join letters to form words, and to write sentences with appropriate word spacing.

Evaluation: We develop an eye for evaluating Copperplate script and its use. 

Variations: We create variations of Copperplate letterforms.

Layout principles: We learn layout principles and experiment with creating pieces for various purposes.

Create a piece: We will choose a purpose & create an original piece of writing in Copperplate in continuous prose.

Final Submission Examples

Algebra | Math Thinking, Problem Solving

Taught by Vivian Kwek
Term 1 Jan-Apr 2025
Criteria : Reason
Class size : 1:8

coming soon…

Advocacy | History of Ideas, Human Rights, Argumentation

Taught by Dawn Fung
Term 2 Jul-Oct 2025
Criteria : Fairness
Class size : 1:8

We look at advocacy as a form of fulfilling an unmet need in society.

Weeks 1-4 : We cover what advocacy is, and some advocacy examples in Singapore history.

Weeks 5-8 : Students will learn the history of ideas in human rights. They will pick one to research in-depth, especially in the context of their own lives.

Week 9-12 : Students learn how to design a small campaign around their advocacy choice, in support of an organisation on the ground.

Weeks 13-15 : Students will work towards a final campaign for the organisation.

Week 16 : The final campaign document is submitted to the evaluators.