Teen Groups

A four year program for teens and older tweens that culminate in an uber amazing portfolio for work readiness!

Objectives of the Teen Group :

  • Workplace Readiness
  • Confidence in the Marketplace
  • Portfolio Creation

We are committed to 8 semesters with you, or however long you want to be with us. You can stay with your cohort as long as you feel comfortable. Each semester gets increasingly more challenging for each cohort.


start off easy and light with…

Semester 1
Meet your teen group educator and the cohort of peers who will grow alongside you. Expect laughter, fun and challenges!

8 sessions
24 hours contact time 
20 hours study time
$160 per pax
8 pax max
Suitable for ages 11 (advanced learners)-13.

Starting September 2022

build your confidence with..

Semester 2
Scale up your creative and presentational abilities through your personal project and collaborative lectures and open house.

8 sessions
24 hours contact time 
24 hours study time
$200 per pax
8 pax max
Suitable for ages 11 (advanced)-14.

Starting September 2022

discover your work ethic in…

Semester 3
Are you an independent entrepreneur or do you prefer working in a team? Let’s find out. See our past Open House↗

10 sessions
30 hours contact time 
30 hours study and research
$240 per pax
8 pax max
Suitable for ages 13-16.

Starting December 2022

discover your team potential in…

Semester 4
How well can solve a problem in your team? Clash of egos or a superheroes assemble?

10 sessions
30 hours contact time 
36 hours study and research
$300 per pax
8 pax max
Suitable for ages 14-16.

Starting July 2022

get a work experience in…

Semester 5

Suitable for ages 15-18.

Opens in early 2023

intern for companies and organisations in…

Semester 6

Suitable for ages 15-18.

Opens in late 2023

beef up your marketplace portfolio in…

Semester 7

Suitable for ages 15-18.

Opens in early 2024

show the world your work readiness in…

Semester 8

Suitable for ages 15-18.

Opens in late 2024

Do note :

  • If you join in a cohort that is in a higher level semester, you will have to match its criteria. Pls speak to the facilitator if you are unsure.
  • The teen group meets face to face because a lot of information is difficult present over zoom.
  • The teen group educator reserves the right to reject an application who is not suitable e.g. your 10yo wants to join Semester 4.
  • We will refund your money if you have not started the Semester. Once the Semester begins, the fees are not refundable.
  • Spaces are not transferable. Each child is different. Passing your space to another child who is unfamiliar to the group halfway through the semester is unfair to all – the new child, peers and educator who has spent time investing in the relationships of the group.
  • All our teen group venues welcome vaxxed and unvaxxed individuals.


May I sign up my child to join for one semester?

Of course. We always serve the children and teens. If your child shows disinterest after a term, we may suggest another group or another program that we trust. Your child should be free to discover his or her potential.

I am a homeschooling parent interested to run a Little U Teen Group.

We will be happy to train you but terms and conditions apply. As child safety and relational growth are top priorities, we only work with parents whom we personally know and can entrust our children with. We will work out the training from there.

How much is it to get trained?

$0 and your time. You need to invest in one semester for training on the go. We don’t believe in paper and pen training. You must be teaching alongside or assisting to get a taste on how the group is run. You may let your child join one of the teen groups and we can coach you from there. We will need a commitment from you for all sessions so that we can do a proper debrief and planning.

Is there a disciplinary policy?

Our teen groups are run in small sizes. Any discipline that requires adult intervention will be discussed with the parent. We believe in letting the parents decide how to discipline their child. We try not to circumvent the authority of the parent or caregiver without their permission unless it is absolutely an emergency, e.g. a shouting match in a session. Our teen group educators are all homeschooling parents. Our philosophy will always be to first understand the context in which conflicts take place and then to listen to each child involved.

For more information on the Teen Group, pls whatsapp Dawn Fung at +65-85506536.