Faculty : Sophia

Sophia Ong is a down-to-earth educator who absolutely despised Chinese as a student and wanted nothing to do with it upon graduation. Looking beyond Chinese as an examinable subject, she has since learnt to recognise the appeal of the language. Sophia is in the midst of completing a Diploma in Professional Chinese Teaching. This year, she will share information about an area of Chinese that may be intimidating to many homeschooling parents — PSLE: Basic Requirements for Chinese Composition Writing. She hopes to encourage fellow parents to approach Chinese as a language and not a subject.

Sophia enjoys creating in the kitchen with her children. She believes that the kitchen is the perfect place for bonding over intimate conversations while working on edible craftwork. Sophia would like to encourage parents to have a go at baking basic yeasted breads. She will share tips and tricks to keep things fuss-free and enjoyable. Participants get to bring their bakes home. Although they are welcome to enjoy them on the spot too!